Ski Carrier Installation


Ski-Lash ski carrier is the easiest ski carrier to use and goes on in just a few simple steps.

1.  Place skis together so that the ski brakes interlock

2.  Lean poles against skis.  For best results place poles inside of the raised ski brake blades.  Skip this step if you are not carrying poles with your Ski-Lash.

3.  Wrap one Ski-Lash strap around skis & poles as close to the toe binding as possible.  Lace strap through the plastic loop and pull tight.  Repeat with the other strap near the heel binding.

When correctly installed, skis and poles should be held very firmly with little or no wiggling and the ski tips pointed slightly up in the ski carrier.  If the skis are not held firmly in place, make sure straps are pulled as tight as possible.  If skis are not balanced correctly, make sure Ski-Lash is positioned as far forward as possible.

CAUTION.  Before carrying skis with Ski-Lash or Ski-Lash Jr., make sure that both of the straps are securely fastened with at least 1 inch of contact between the hook & loop material. Also, do not carry skis and poles while barefoot or wearing open toed shoes.  Ski-Lash and Ski-Lash Jr. are designed to carry skis and poles.  They are not intended to fasten skis or poles to a roof rack or for other methods of transport.

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