About Ski-Lash

Carry all skis with Ski-Lash™Skiing is a great sport.  You’re outdoors, awesome scenery, and everyone’s having a great time.  Carrying skis and poles to the slopes, however, can be a miserable and torturous experience.  They’re bulky, awkward and heavy.  It’s even worse if you have kids who can’t or won’t carry their own skis and you’re stuck having to carrying multiple sets of skis and poles.  There’s just no easy way to carry skis and poles. Until now.  After several years of testing, Ski-Lash ™ and Ski-Lash Jr ™. were developed by skiers for skiers.

Ski-Lash is a small family owned company dedicated to making high quality ski carriers and ski straps. Our products are extensively tested both on and off the ski slopes. We are sure that you will find that Ski-Lash ™ and Ski-Lash Jr. ™ ski carriers are the easiest way to carry your skis and poles and the easiest and most convenient way to store your skis and poles when they are not in use.

Unlike ski totes of the past, Ski-Lash ski carriers are easy to use, fit in a pocket and are simply the easiest way to carry your skis and poles.