About Ski-Lash

Carry all skis with Ski-Lash™Ski-Lash Makes getting your skis and poles to the slopes really easy.

Skiing is an awesome sport!  You’re outdoors, the scenery is beautiful and you get the rush of adrenaline as you cruise down the slopes.  Getting your skis and poles to the slopes, however, can be another story.  While some people are lucky enough to live slope-side or have a ski valet, most of us will have to carry our skis and poles some distance.  As we all know, carrying skis and poles can be a miserable and torturous experience. Skis are bulky, awkward and heavy.  It can be even worse if you have kids who can’t or won’t carry their own skis and you’re stuck having to carrying multiple sets of skis.  There’s just no easy way to carry skis and poles. Until now.  After several years of testing, we developed Ski-Lash.™

Unlike other ski totes or shoulder strap styles, our ski carrier is simple to use and installs in seconds.  With Ski-Lash your kids can carry their own skis or you can easily carry multiple sets of skis and poles.  Made with completely soft material, Ski-Lash slips easily into a pocket when not is use and won’t cause injury if you fall on it.  No need for a ski locker.  Simply put, Ski-Lash ski carriers are the easiest way to carry your skis and poles.


Ski-Lash is a small family owned company located in Southern California between the Sierra Nevada and San Bernardino Mountains.  We are dedicated to making high quality ski carriers and continuously test our product, both on and off the slopes, to insure that it is the best ski carrier available.  Ski-Lash is also the most convenient way to store your skis and poles while traveling or when they are not in use.